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Your Privacy

Tattoo-Nation takes your personal privacy very seriously.

If you have any concerns about data held by Tattoo-Nation, please contact us.

We work in association with a billing agency who handle all paid membership accounts including credit card billing. Any data passed from our billing agent to ourselves is only used to provide any services you have purchased we do not and will never be allowed to view your billing details. For further information on how our billing agent looks after your privacy please refer to their own website.

Any additional data data collected through this site is gained from the ordering process or email requests, and is used purely by Tattoo-Nation for the purpose of responding to your queries, and dispatching your order and invoice. The information is not stored on the internet.

We do not retain electronically held information after the completion of orders, this includes a suitable delivery time and time for you to confirm the order is correct.

None of your details will be disclosed to a third party, except for delivery purposes.

In the case of goods orders your details and contact details will be retained by Tattoo-Nation on an non-electronic system for accounting purposes.

In the case of forums and other opt in information services offered upon this site refer to the terms and conditions associated with that service and it will be your responsibility to manage your own information should you choose to make it public viewable.

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